Friday, May 20, 2016

White House Down? Nope, StackOverflow Down

Chances are that you are tech saavy and have some knowledge about programming or high school algebra.

First lets me extend or define the word "Programmer" - [the word commonly used to refer to someone who codes].

A programmer is someone who has one time or the other during his/her career, passed through the site StackOverFlow [forgive the capitalization of S,O,F] either to borrow, check, contribute, ascertain or peek in to contents of the site for some purpose related to programming.

Well technically that should be an inclusive definition for programmers therefore when something happens to that special site.....

a glimpse of our white house [stackoverflow] on a normal day: 

It is worth it that it should be reported, Imagine Trump Tower collapsing and CNN decides to keep mute - Impossible. Basically, just as what White House is to the president and citizens, StackOverflow is the White House of any Programmer - that place you look up for solutions when you need quick answers, dirty answers, robust answers, un-documented tweaks, perfect library documentations, obscured un-questioned working code snippets and even, if you want to break something/code, stackoverflow is your friend.

Having said that, stackoverflow provides tons of information which is 99.99% based on community contributions and managed by some geeks in mars, [yeah am blogging from Jupiter and you are probably reading from earth - its okay]. The site is more than just a question and answer site, It is also a career site and if you like to land some mouth watering positions, you need not be told to build a world on stackoverflow.

Well It was to my amazement and probably yours that website like stackoverflow would go down on broad day light without reasons. Imagine what it would be like for there to be a Power Cut in the Whole of White House, as you may guess, CNN would choke it down our throats all day long. This incidence lasted for just few minutes roughly around 11:26 EST on 20-05-2016.

Take a look:

The good news is that from my end, nothing serious/bad happened but you can imagine the emails, calls and words that would have been exchanged withing StackOverflow office - [Maybe I am exaggerating and really nothing happened, Team leads and network guys were just cool..hmmm].

Moral Lesson
This should be a subtle reminder to perfectionist that every one has their moments - even "The rich also cry", The big sites also bow, go down and come up. However, do not give up.

Yours In Technology.

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