Saturday, June 24, 2017

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) - The Jitsi Project

GSoC - Bitrate Estimation and Congestion Control in the Jitsi Kernel (libjitsi).

I am implementing some portion of the webrtc framework in the Jitsi App (

I am going to keep things very simple and start from the basics.

Things you should understand first;

What is a frame? Think of a frame as a picture, yeah, just a single selfie, a snapshot.

What is a video? Lets think of video as a sequence of Frames (several snaphots), Imagine you taking a selfie of yourself every 1 second while you are trying to sing your national anthem (capturing the shape of your mouth from start to finish). Okay, every 1 second isn't good enough, Lets try taking that selfie 30 times every seconds. Definitely, your hand can't click that fast so you would rather use the camera's inbuilt timer (very few people create motion pictures nowadays) or better still record yourself.